Don Marcos The Old Inka Q'ero Healer
Spiritual Journey to Europe May - June 2017


For 90 years, Don Marcos, one of the oldest Inka-Q'ero Healers has been pilgrimaging in the sacred mountains of the Andes of Peru at 4,800 metres. His sacred mission has always been to be in harmony with our sacred PachaMama and the Apus (the Mountain Spirits). With deep appreciation he has always performed beautiful ceremonies dedicated to celebrating the glory of nature and its tremendous healing energy. He always uses his healing Inka-Q'ero Mesa, which he inherited from his ancestors, the very same Incas who built Machu Picchu.

Don Marcos has received a transcendental message from his spirits and has decided to make his second trip outside of his sacred mountains. His mission is both clear and special, to carry out healing, teachings and to perform initiations and blessings to all those participants who would like to receive renewed life energy and learn the deep teachings of the Inka-Q'ero Mesa. In addition, he will be holding private healing sessions and performing ceremonies of gratitude to PachaMama and the Apus.

This elderly healer has an energy as innocent as nature itself and has a strength similar to that of an ancient tree. He will be making this second journey travelling to different countries in Europe during the months of May and June 2017, thanks to the valuable invitation of Richard Aguayo with whom he’s been sharing ancient teachings for 22 years.

Private Healing Sessions

Don Marcos, this old Q’ero Teacher, is part of a very small group of ‘Ancients’ who courageously decided to stay in their isolated, energetic Andean mountains. His long path in life (he’s 90 years old) and the fact that he’s lived pretty much alone, has given him great wisdom of ancestral Andean mysteries and he knows very well the deep secrets of PachaMama and the Apu Mountain Spirits. This allows him to carry out powerful and beautiful healings that help people to attain an energetic balance and be in harmony with nature. The daily pattern of our lives can wear us down and separate us from PachaMama; the many technological changes in our world have interrupted our natural connection to nature.

Don Marcos and Richard will offer special healing sessions in which you will discover how in harmony your sacred life energy is, which are your strongest energetic points, as well as which ones are weaker, reflecting any problems and difficulties in your physical body and in the material world. They will use sacred leaves and other natural elements brought from the Andes for this, allowing the participants to heal, balance and reintegrate with the natural sources of energy.

Private Sessions: 90 Euros per person - 45 minutes per session.

Seminar “Living Mesa”
A day to learn the Wisdom of the Inka-Q’ero Mesa

One day the great “Wiracocha” creator of the universe had to leave our planet, but left in the earth and in the stones of the mountains of the Andes, of Cusco-Qosqo,part of his intense and clean energy of life ...
With a harmonious voice he said, "Beloved PachaMama!!! - In your bowels I leave the energy of strength and wisdom.
Respected Apus-Spirits of the Mountains!!! In your summits I leave part of my healing energy.
To you two benevolent spirits…I ask you to be the deities responsible for taking care this intense energy and to please share it with all those humans who kindly and disciplined come to you: in harmony with themselves and with nature so that they can be initiated as “Hampiq-Healers”.


The Inka-Q’ero Amaut'as-Teachers were the first ones who with much sacrifice entered into the simple level of the Ayni-Interchange of energies, which allowed them to spiritually integrate with PachaMama and the Apus, receiving from these holy spirits their first initiation and as a very special reward the Q’ero Teachers received their first  Kh'uyas-Sacred Stones of Ceremonial Healing; these special healing tools were kept in a very special ceremonial weaving called “ Awayo”, and these were the first Mesas, then as part of their apprenticeship they began to pilgrimage  all around the Andes, the Amazon and the coast to gradually integrate their own energies of life and their Mesas with the energies of the 3 levels of Life through the 3 sacred animals The Puma, the Snake and the Condor.

With grateful humility I received the message from the Amaut'as to share the teachings of the Inka-Q’ero Mesa, the same wisdom that the Q'ero Teachers shared with me during my 30 years interacting and working with them.
This full day seminar will be a simple but precious way to share with participants what it means to have a Mesa, the healing energies which involves this sacred healing tool, teaches how and what you can do to integrate  your own energy to the healing energy of a Mesa, as well as how and what you can do to integrate your Mesa to the 3 different spiritual levels of life and allow how the Puma, the Snake and the Condor can guide you in your spiritual path.

Full day Seminar 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Price: Euro 145 Per Participant

PachaMama Ceremony
A night to Honor PachaMama – Mother Earth

A very special moment when Don Marcos will perform an incredible ceremony dedicated to our beloved PachaMama. This celebration of life has been performed by the Q’ero healers for thousands of years. Those who live close to nature, those who walk barefoot in the holy snow of the Andes are the ones who can perfectly harmonize with PachaMamita and the beloved Apus. Because of this, with great care, they can create a sacred offering for them using different healing elements from the Andean mountains and the Amazon rainforest. In this unique and sacred ceremony Don Marcos will also offer prayers, songs and various invocations to the sacred spirits in Quechuan, the Inka language. This will allow all participants to receive divine healing energy and then all together we can send a prayer to PachaMama, to our families, friends and to the whole world, and She, the ancient one, will give back to us even more healing energy.

Night Ceremony
(3 hours – each participant will be asked to bring 3 flowers with them, one red, one yellow and one white, not too big in size)
Free entrance

"Only by listening, feeling and respecting sacred nature, you can be part of its immense healing force"


Journey in Europe: May and June - 2017

Date City Country Contact EMail Telephone
May 02-03 Imperia Italy Associazione Kami +3807874627
May 04-05 Milano Italy Genaro Cali +39 333 6609696
May 06 -07-08 Geel Belgium Greet Mermans +32 499 27 19 87
May 09-10-11 Loenen Holland Jose Kraan 0031-6 51 874872
May 13-14-15 Gorinchen Holland Kore 0031-612661867
May 16-17-18 Athens Greece Kaity Samartzis 6945155313
May 19-20-21 Sankt Thomas Germany Aernoudt 0049-16097917199
May 22-23-24 Konigslutter Germany Melanie Keck 0177-2406679
May 25-26-27 Kopenhagen Denmark Ushma +46-793498846
May 28-29-30 Helsinki Finland Esa Makitalo +35-8 40 5821010
May 31/ Jun 04 Ruurlo Holland Yvonne 0031 6 20017634


Intense Seminar
The Inka-Q’ero Mesa-Mest'ana
A Seminar dedicated to teaching the correct way of receiving, folding and carrying an Inka-Q'ero Mesa.
Ancestral Wisdom to learn how to heal ourselves, PachaMama and others.

Wed May 31 to Sun Jun 04 -201
Brinklaan 27, 7261 JH Ruulo (Gld) Holland
Telf: 0031-6-20017634 /

Each one of us has a beautiful life energy within us, and there is another even more powerful and curative one in nature. This energy has been used magically by the old and wise Inka Q’ero teachers, in their exciting healing ceremonies. This ancient wisdom has been kept secret by the Q'ero healers, the last of the Inkas, who live in the Peruvian highlands. These healers taught and shared with me their precious ceremonies and healing rituals, especially Don Marcos, who will kindly be accompanying me on this amazing journey throughout Europe to share his wisdom.

For thousands of years my Peruvian ancestors have lived in perfect harmony with nature. This has helped them to understand that nature, and especially the earth itself, has a great energy force that can cleanse, cure and intensely renew our life energy. They know that only when we see her, feel her and respect her as our own mother, can the ‘Ancient One’ share with us her intense strength and energetic power. Even today those who live in the high mountains of the Andes, the natives of the pristine Amazon jungle still greet, converse with and survive by means of their deep connection with our sacred PachaMama (Mother Earth).

Over the past 40 years I have had the great good fortune to enter the incredible world of the Peruvian Curanderos (healers), living, learning and sharing the true wisdom of PachaMama and the Apus (the mountain spirits), and the wisdom of Nature itself. Now is the perfect moment to be able to share and teach all that I have learned throughout these years. It gives me great pleasure to present this Seminar, ‘The Inka-Q’ero Mesa’, dedicated exclusively to teaching the ceremonial and healing wisdom of the authentic Inka-Q’ero Curanderos.

This Seminar consist of 5 full days of intense teachings and ceremonial practices that will prepare and open you spiritually to be able to receive and carry a genuine Inka-Q’ero Mesa. You will be taught step-by-step how to fold and direct its corners to the most important healing energies and the magical alignment with the four main components of the creation of life (in accordance with Q'ero wisdom). Using simple and effective rituals you will be able to recognize ‘Kallpa’ (life energy), identify different important power points, allowing a mystical interaction with nature’s sacred healing sites to happen, a fundamental part of the Inka-Q’ero medicine. We will continue to the level of healing and ceremonial techniques of the authentic Inka-Q’ero ‘Hampi Runa – Curanderos and their Mesas-Mest’anas’, the splendid art of using our ‘Mesas’ ceremoniously with the energies of higher spirits such as our beloved PachaMama and the Apu Mountain Spirits. These holy spirits can help us to cleanse, re-integrate and intensify our connection with our birth place and become an important part of the healing of our planet. It will prepare us to use our K’huyas (sacred healing stones) and as a mystic consequence be lovingly ready to heal others.

This amazing and powerful Seminar will include these teachings:

- Ceremony of integration with night and day (performed at dawn)
- Recognition of our vital life energy
- Learning to recognise our sacred energy points
- Teachings of the 3 levels of life and the relationship with our energy
- Purification and invigoration of personal energy through the 3 levels of life – animals of power
- Learning to recognise the colours of energetic inter-connection within the 3 levels of life
- Ceremonial techniques to begin our own self-healing
- Learning the fundamental basis of the Inka-Q’ero Mesa (Mest’ana)
- How to fold and carry the Inka-Q’ero Mesa
- How to recognize Nature’s energy sites (energetic power points)
- How to use elements of healing
- Ceremonial practice of cleansing Nature and the sacred energy points
- Ceremonial techniques to balance and protect your own energy
- A ceremony for personal and communal revitalization
- Ceremonial practice: personal energy – a bridge for energetic connections
- Ceremonial practice to recognize and celebrate your holy and true place of birth
- The start of your own self-healing and your helping to heal Nature
- Celebrating Nature’s power sites
- Ceremonial practice of union with the spirit of Water
- Ceremonial practice of union with ‘Khuyas’ (energy stones)
- How to carry out a ceremony for PachaMama and the Apus using natural and personal elements
- Exclusive participation with our own Peruvian elements of healing in a ceremony to PachaMama and the Apus
- Ceremonial practice to bring our feminine and masculine elements into alignment
- Ceremonial practice of merging with luminous purified energy through Nature

Price: Euros 800    (Does not include lodging)
10% discount for anyone who has already participated in other Seminars about Inka-Q’ero Healing lead by Richard Aguayo

Wed May 31 to Sun Jun 04 -2017 -Holland
Wed Aug 30 to Sun Sep 03 -2017 -Germany
Time: Teachings will start on the first day at 10:00am and will finish on the final day at 04:00pm

Seminar in Holland
Location: Brinklaan 27, 7261 JH Ruulo (Gld)
Telf: 0031-6-20017634 /

Booking: please contact us with your valuable questions, for the addresses of the Seminars and any booking enquiries
By email :
Or call us on: 0051984120410 (whatsapp)

Please note: the ceremonies and wisdom we share do not run to a timetable or have strict time limits. It’s important to me that I hold my Seminars in the way that my teachings were shared with me by my Native Teachers, freely feeling and listening to nature in every moment, being always open to the messages that the spirits wish to give us. It is therefore important to mention that I will try to follow the programme outlined above, but there may be last minute changes in the programme depending on the energy of the moment, the place and the participants – we might add, change or leave some parts out.

Note: - All participants are welcome, no previous experience required.
- It is a requirement that you have a Mesa-Weaving during the Seminar
- Mesa-Weavings will be available to purchase before the Seminar starts (see the pictures)
- Participants with their own Mesas Weavings are asked to please bring just one and it must be open and empty

To register for the Inka-Q’ero Mesa Seminar please send us an email- including the following:
Your name, address, contact phone number and your email – please also include any questions you may have

Payments: to Richard Aguayo Rodriguez at  for banking information

(Important Note: this Seminar is the prerequisite step for the Journey to Peru, a pilgrimage to Apu Salkantay, Machupicchu and the Amazon rainforest where we will complete our Mesas with the K’huyas-sacred healing stones. These stones are mysteriously only found in the sacred mountains of the Andes, in the highlands and the paths to the Amazon. The journey will be from September 12th to 29th 2017. For more details, please contact: Urpichay Natural Events.)